App CaromScore version 2.3


Download the app here. The app starts in demo mode and is limited to 10 points / 5 recordings. Activate the app by ordering a club license (€ 45) or a private license (€ 25).

MacOS (10.13 and higher)

Windows (Windows 7 and higher)

Order License

Order Club License

With the purchase of a club license you acquire the right to install and use the program "CaromScore" on any permanently installed computer in your club.

It is not allowed to additionally install and use the program on any privately used computers.

For usage on private computers please purchase an additional private license.


Order Private License

With the purchase of a license as private person you acquire the right to install and use the program "CaromScore" on your private computer(s).

It is not allowed to additionally install and use the program on any other computers.

For usage on computers installed in your club, please purchase an additional club license.


CaromScore 2.3


  • German

  • English

  • French

  • Spanish

  • Dutch

System requirements

  • Windows 7 or higher

  • MacOS 10.11 or higher

Recommended hardware

  • Screen with FullHD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels)

  • Remote control (Logitech Presenter R400, R500, Spotlight)


  • Club license (1 license for all computers in a club) € 45

  • Private license (1 license for all computers of one person) € 25


Without entering the license data, the program starts in demo mode. All functions are available, but a maximum of 10 points and 5 recordings can be played. Survival games are limited to 5 minutes.

Simple mode


In simple mode, you can start a game without any further settings.

Select the game type and start entering points.

Types of games in simple mode

  • Classic games (average display 2 decimal places)

  • Three cushion (average display 3 decimal places)

  • 3 players

  • „Casin“

Advanced mode


In advanced mode, you can log and evaluate games. Manage the players in the integrated player database, select game type, score, innings restrictions, time limits, etc. A score sheet is automatically created. Games can be exported in Excel format for further analysis. A program for automatic evaluation of the games is in preparation.

Modes of play in advanced mode

  • Free game

  • One cushion

  • All balkline disciplines

  • 3 cushion (without time limit, with chess clock or with time limit per shot, sets)

  • "Survival“

  • Five pin


Different point targets can be set for the players. A percentage progress can be displayed.


Add points

  • Enter the series as a whole using the numeric keypad

  • Point by point using the space bar, cursor keys, numeric keypad or a remote control

  • Undo function (unlimited number of steps)

  • Possibility of correction directly on the score sheet

Sound output

Select between "No sound", "Voice" or "Warning tone". If "Voice" is selected, the program uses the voice output of your computer and counts out loud the points, series etc. Language and voice must be installed and selected in the operating system of the computer.


Choose between 6 different "skins" and set the display options.

Player database

  • Manage players, clubs and countries in the integrated player database.

  • Import players from an Excel list.

  • Player photos, club logos, country flags

  • Export the player database and install it on additional computers in your club.

List of games

All games entered in advanced mode are displayed in a list. A click on an entry shows the corresponding score sheet and the progress diagram. Games can be filtered and exported (Excel) or transferred to CaromScore on another computer.



New functions


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